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We use a mix of STREAMin³ Curriculum and family feel atmosphere.

Spanning birth to five, STREAMin³ integrates Core Skills and STREAM skills that set the foundation and that prepare children for success in kindergarten and beyond.



6 weeks -16 months

Supports relationship-based play & discovery.

  • Nurture warm and caring emotional connections with the child that build trust and security.

  • Offer play opportunities that invite children to engage, explore, and discover their environment through everyday routines.

  • Partner with families and share reflections on each child’s unique development.

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16 months- 2 1/2 years

Toddlers are given the chance to develop in nurturing setting with encouragement on life skills such as hand washing and self-feeding. Children are guided closely to allow for individual needs but also to assist with early stages of group activities. Pre-literacy skills are strongly emphasized through songs, games, poems, and nursery rhymes.

Junior Pre-schoolers 

2 1/2 - 3 years

Providing a safe and supportive transition between toddlers and pre-school. Juniors are able to continue to develop and tune their life skills such as toilet training as well as working on their group skills and communication.



3-5 years 

 Our preschoolers are preparing for the upcoming years in elementary school.

We also believe in methods that facilitate your child’s:

  • Self-help and problem-solving skills

  • Movement and coordination

  • Work habits

  • Reading and writing skills

  • Math and number concepts

  • Musical Experiences

  • Art Activities

We want to help you succeed. Get in touch to learn more about Sandy's Angels Daycare.

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